Hello 2010!

Hello to my readers, all 2 or 3 of you.

It is now 2010. I am thankful for the Lord’s
work in the last decade. He definitely has lavished
his grace and mercy on my life.
I’ve been doing some thinking and have decided to
“quit” Facebook for quite a while. For now, I will
not use it until Winter quarter is over, roughly around
March or April. I have completely deactivated it.
It’s a little bit of an experiment, to see what life is
really like offline. If I really enjoy being off Facebook
for over a quarter, I may just continue for a full calendar
year. I’d like to have 2010 Facebook-free, so we’ll see how
that goes.
But, I am still on Twitter and of course, I am still
blogging. Follow my adventures, as they will now be
chronicled on this blog.

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