>Ingrid Michaelson

>Oh My Goodness.

Yesterday was probably one of the best concert experiences EVER.
That’s a bold statement, I realize but I’m not kidding
As you may (or may not) know, I’m a really big fan of
Ingrid Michaelson. I’ve always loved her musical style
and lyrics. She’s a mix of indie, folk, and pop.
I saw her over spring break and was really really
impressed. After the concert, I decided to sign up
for her email list, in case she ever came to LA.
About a month ago, I got an email specially inviting
fans to one of her secret shows! The venue was at
Hotel Cafe, a really really small one that only holds
about 100-125 people. I immediately bought four
tickets. I’m glad that I did, because the show sold
out in TWO hours. Amazing.
The concert itself was awesome. She did the whole
thing solo, which was incredible. She was able to interact
with her fans and crack some jokes. She played some of
her favorite songs. I even got to request one! But my
favorite part was at the end of the night, where I actually
got to meet her! I was so excited, my heart was pounding
so hard! I brought a copy of my “Everybody” CD and she
signed it. I even took a few pictures with her too!
She was so sweet and kind. I told her that I was learning
to play the ukulele and as I walked past her to leave, she
called out and said “Good luck with your uke!” She’s so
down to earth and loves her fans! I’m so blessed and
thankful that I was able to share this experience with
some really cool ladies who fully appreciated Ingrid!
This definitely was a night to remember!


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