>Normally, I wouldn’t be posting about

the fact that I have a new haircut. However, this one
is special. It’s significant because I did it myself.
While you and I may know loads of people who
chop their own locks, the last time that I took
a pair of scissors to my head was at the age
of 5. Consequently, I saw a real barber afterwards.
Anyway, I’ve been in need of a haircut for a few
weeks. There’s been split ends, etc. You know the
drill. As of now, my bank funds are a tad low.
Living in Los Angeles, it’s hard to find a haircut
that is less than $30 dollars. I wasn’t willing to
fork over that kind of cash so easily, so I decided
to embark on a little “experiment”.
My sister, Rachel, cuts her own hair for as long as
I can remember and it always looks fabulous. Granted,
her hair is thicker and totally texturally different. My
logic? If she can, so can I. And that’s exactly what I did.
I googled a few tips and tricks, took a shower and grabbed
the nearest pair of shears (which happened to be Friskars
scissors). I combed my wet hair out and parted down the
middle. Then, I went to town. I was actually surprised how
much I chopped off. It was somewhere in the market of two
inches. I did a little bit of layering in the front, nothing crazy.
For the first cut, I wanted to keep it simple.
I’m pretty pleased with the result. I can see that it’s definitely
easy to get “scissor happy” and keep hacking at it. Thankfully,
I figured out when to cut myself off (pun intended) and put the
shears away. And… voila! I didn’t spend any money! Yay!
The moral of the story is this: I cut my own hair. In my
bathroom. With Friskars scissors. It looks presentable.
So… here’s the outcome!

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