>Today’s the Day!

>At 6pm west coast time, I’ll be DONE with my last

final and officially a UCLA senior! This is crazy crazy
crazy. It’s going to be my last summer as an undergraduate.
And if I play my cards right, it’ll be my last summer with
braces. Score!
This year has gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday
that I was starting my first week here, unsure of what
Powell or Royce was. Now, I’ve become quite accustomed
to my academic home. I’m a little nostalgic about the
thought of leaving it, desperately contemplating a
double major in French so that I could stay an extra
year. But, that doesn’t seem feasible… So… I’ll be
graduating in the spring of 2011.
But, there’s pretty cool things that I’m planning for my
senior year. I’m the current vice-president of the
English Dept honor society, so there’ll be a lot of
nerdy opportunities for me. I’m also planning to
take first year Italian as well, as a way to make myself
more competitive for grad school. They like it
if you have your hands in two foreign languages
besides English. And even if I don’t go to grad school,
I’ll still learn quite a bit of Italian. I don’t see that
as being a detriment in the least, ya feel me?
That’ll just make me an excellent traveling companion
when in Europe. My father speaks German and
wanted me to learn it, but I think that Italian would
make me much more competitive.
So, that’s what’s going on with me. I should go now.
My final is an hour and a half! Woo! Freedom, here I

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