>Season of Chaos

>Yup. That’s what I’m calling this quarter.

Now, mind you, it’s academic chaos. So, that
means that it’s productive and a wonderful
learning experience. But it still remains…
As of now, I’m working on a 15 page midterm
which is due on Wednesday, along with a group
presentation for my French class. After that, I’ll
begin writing my 20 page “thesis” for my Shakespeare
seminar, as well as another 15 page take-home final.
Add in my application to my French teaching program,
as well as my French language class, and you have a
pretty accurate view of the end of my quarter.
So far, being diligent is paying off. I’m pacing my assignments
to make me less crazy. For example, I’m 1/3 finished with my
midterm. It’s all about little chunks, right?
Anyway, pray for strength. I’m tired and all I want to do is go
rock climbing and cook. But I guess that’s what Christmas
break is for, right? I have 32 days to complete this on.
My motivation: possibly seeing K and R in KY, family,
and Disney. (Future highlights for my break)
But for now… it’s game time.
Bring it, UCLA!
I’m feeling feisty! =)

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