>Just One Of Those Days…

>Every once in a while, I have these kind of days.

Days where I feel weary, weak, defeated. Life
almost seems to exhausting and I just want to
pull the covers over my head and camp out for a
day or so.
And it’s not because I’m inherently sad or worried
about anything specific, it’s because I realize that
it’s almost too much for me. I come to the conclusion
that I am not strong enough. It is then, every time, that
I hear a small voice in my head say,
“My strength is sufficient for you, Jessica. I am enough.”
And you know what? The Lord is, indeed, sufficient.
He is bigger than my papers, my family, my relationships,
my test grades, my hopes and fears for the future.
He is enough.
I came across this quotation today when I was going
through my blog-roll, like usual. It’s so wonderful
the way that the Lord encourages his loved ones.
It really really is.
“The All-sufficient is sufficient for my largest want…
let us, then, fall back upon our God and His grace.
If he does not remove our grief
He will enable us to bear it…
It is better for us to have God’s strength than our own
– Spurgeon
And you know what? Spurgeon’s right. I rarely find that I am discouraged
without joy or hope in the gospel. That is where my strength comes
from. Knowing Christ’s sacrifice for my soul has given me strength.
And that’s enough, believe me.

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