>I don’t want to be cliché about the holiday of Thanksgiving. In the United States, this day revolves around family, friends, and food. But for the Christian, there is so much more wrapped up in a day that calls us to remember and to have grateful hearts.

It’s an easy thing, to go around the table and say what we “are thankful for”. But the one thing that I’m really thankful for, I can’t even put into words. I’m thankful for my salvation.
I’m thankful that the Lord, seeing my wicked and dark heart, loved me first. I’m thankful that Christ came to this earth, lived a sinless life, and died in my place. I’m thankful for the promise that I have because Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice. I’m thankful that death doesn’t have any power over my life or future. I’m thankful that Christ has built his church, and continues to do so today.
These. These are the things that this holiday comes to mind. While of course I am so thankful for family and friends, I encourage you to look at your spiritual state. If you are a believer, you have so much reason for celebration and joy. If you are an unbeliever, you can have this overflowing joy, a joy that isn’t contingent on people or things. This peace is only found through one source – Christ Jesus.
Sometimes, the things that we’re the most thankful for are the most difficult things to even describe or comprehend.

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