Reverb10: Writing

Prompt: Writing.
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

To be honest, there isn’t too much that’s special to write about in my life. I mean, I blog about my school work, my recipes and cooking, videos and the like. Unlike many successful bloggers, I haven’t found my niche. I’ve been lurking on the sites of mommy bloggers, wedding blogs, natural birth activists, and ladies who promote biblical womanhood. The difference between those guys and me is that they all have a topic, a common theme that permeates all of their entries. I’m pretty sure that in the future, I’m going to have something to write about. After all, there’s a possibility that I’ll be moving to France next year. If that doesn’t say “niche”, I don’t know what does. But as for my consistent blogging, I think that I’m pretty decent. So… there’s no “reason” that I’m not writing as often as I’d like. I just think that I need more time. As far as daily inspiration, I have no idea. Life is going to unfold and this blog will, hopefully, reflect that.


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