>#Reverb10 – Wisdom

>Prompt for today:
Wisdom. What was the wisest decision this year and how did it play out?

I have made a lot of decisions this year, a lot of really difficult and challenging ones. I’ve taken some big risks and learned some tough lessons. But the best lesson, the sweetest one, was learning to trust the Lord in really painful times. I made the decision to have joy in the gospel and in Christ’s sacrifice for me at the cross. The result? I know that the Lord is always faithful. He shows his character and lovingkindness, even at our weakest points. The decision to trust in the Lord is wise because God is the only one who truly keeps his promises. In fact, he knows us better than we know ourselves.

That, friends, is love. And I don’t claim to be wise in and of myself. Anything I have is Christ’s.


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