>…It’s exactly 5:14 EST and I cannot bring myself to fall asleep. This is the problem with being at my parents’ house. I develop an odd holiday insomnia, resulting in superfluous blogging and/or internet surfing. Example: I just wiki-ed cults for the past hour. Phew.

Anyway, I’ve moved on to kind of “recapping” some photos from my break so far. Let’s be honest. The Reverb10 posts are getting kind of lame. At least the month is almost over. I’m really really ready for 2010 to see itself out and for 2011 to start. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very unique and interesting year.
And without any more delay… here are some choice moments for you to check out.

Well… I really can attempt to explain this picture… but I know that I’m gonna fail. You’ve seen my other post about my cat, Sevy. I failed to mention that our family has two kitties. This little beauty is named Aubrey and she weighs about 10 lbs. And for a cat, that’s considered obese. In this pic, she’s showing the world just how happy she is to see all of my family members. (That last sentence was rife with sarcasm…)

…just to clarify, she was meowing. Not hissing. We don’t hug hissing cats in my family. No no no.

I really wish that you knew how typical this sibling picture is. The four of us are back together… it’s been over two years since we were all united like this. It feels good, looks weird. These facial expressions? Nothing out of the ordinary. Just be glad that we’re all looking somewhat at the camera.

Another typical family/sibling thing? Abuse. We basically beat up on each other morning, noon, and evening. I get a whole heaping spoonful every time we’re together. I can’t say that I mind.

And now an actually “normal” picture. My festive decorations, with aide from my sister Rachel. I’m a sucker for white Christmas lights. Can’t you tell? This year, we’ve opted for a star atop our tree. This flies in the face of the angel-on-the-top tradition. The change was prompted by: our tree being too tall, my sister (and I) wanting a change, and the angel looking like she needed the year off. I like to say that the star is “guiding my way to my presents”…

And I am most proud of these calorie infused confections. Another late night baking session with the sister. I have to say, it turned out most well. DIY Chocolate Covered Candy Cane Joe Joe’s anyone? (Woah alliteration.) Yum.

More pictures to come later. Be prepared for more crazy. Sheesh.


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