>Waiting Game

>These days, I feel like I’m caught in some sort of a holding pattern. Some decisions, big ones about my future, are coming up in April. In case you’re new to my blog or don’t know what I’m talking about, I applied to a job over in France for next year. It’s a one year to two year teaching contract within the French school system. Basically, I’ll be teaching English.

That being said, I find out if I am accepted into the program/job in April. I know that’s around 8+ weeks until I get any sort of answer, but I’m still a little bit on edge. Once I know where I’ll be next year, I can make some major decisions about next year, like if I remain in LA or plan a temporary move back home and then overseas. And I’ll be really really honest, this decision has been the source of anxiety as I face the end of my time here at UCLA. I feel like there’s so many loose ends that I have to tie up here, like leaving my church and friends.

The thought of not being at my church or with my friends out here does make me a little bit sad, but I know that if I’m relocated to France, that the Lord will provide bountifully for me. It’s always an issue of faith, I think for me. At this point in my life, I have no control over what happens, as far as this program is concerned. This is a great opportunity for me to trust in the Lord and to lean on His sovereignty in my life. I mean, all that I really can do is live my life to please my Savior.

So please join me in prayer as I look for the future, that I will be wise and will not fall to anxiety or fear. Because fear takes from you, it steals your joy in Christ and makes the blessing of trust feel like a punishment.


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