Okay. I’ve mentioned before that I love a good deal. Really, I do.
But this goes above and beyond.

Amazon Prime. 

What is Amazon Prime? It’s a service (usually priced at $80 per year)
that gives the user free 2-day shipping and zero fees on just about any
purchase. It saves both time and money, two precious commodities.
And for someone who buys her textbooks online and makes a lot of
miscellaneous purchases through Amazon, Prime seems too good to be

But it gets better. Oh… it really does. Now, I’ve mentioned this to a few
of my friends, but I thought I’d just make a general public service announcement.
Amazon Prime is free for college students. Yes. I’m not kidding.
All you have to do is have a working and active college (.edu) email
address and tell them your major. It’s as easy as that! The free “trial” period
lasts for a year. But I’m pretty sure that you can “renew” if necessary.

So if you’re a student at any university, big or small, you can e-shop to your
hearts’ content! Enjoy!

Click the link to get started!
(And if you’re not a student, but a parent, there’s Amazon Mom. It offers basically the same thing!!)


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