Graduation Day

Today, I’m crossing something off my “life list” – graduating from college. It has been an amazing ride to get this degree, from moving out here to go to FIDM, transferring to community college and subsequently to UCLA. When I moved out to CA, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could actually go a school like this. It seemed like an impossibility. But God, in his providence, saw fit to place me here. The more that I think things are impossible, the more the Lord proves me wrong.

So my next step? To trust Him with all that lies before me. And I have no idea what the future holds. I’ll be relocating to France next year and after that… it’s all up in the air. It’s funny how taking big life steps causes you to either look backwards or forwards. But I am proud of my accomplishment and the way that the Lord has used me to do mighty things. With every step, I have been sustained. The days when I would just break down and cry, I was comforted by my Heavenly Father. Every victory was a blessing from the Lord. The two years that I have been at UCLA have been the most difficult years of my life – academically, spiritually, personally. I have gone through so many emotions and stages within two short years. But God has seen me through each and every one of them. At the end of every trial or test, I have been able to see the Lord’s hand at work. Even when my heart would break again and again for various reasons, He was always putting it together in his perfect way.

Graduating means closing a chapter, one that has been up and down. Graduating means becoming a “real” adult. Graduating means leaving Los Angeles, a city that I have fallen in love with. Graduating means saying goodbye to friends and loved ones. Graduation means starting over. And I am ready.

Congratulations to the UCLA Class of 2011! 


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