Finally Home

I’ll be honest with you guys, my transition to moving back home was really really hard but really easy at the same time. My time in Los Angeles came to a close in such a pleasant and beautiful way. I really couldn’t have asked for better friends or a better time. Really. While it’s difficult to say “goodbye” to people that you love, it was a nice sendoff.

One funny thing – I was at the airport at 6:00am to catch my flight. After I passed through security, I had some time to kill and decided to wander around the terminal. Lo and behold… I find a Pinkberry in the airport terminal. As in, frozen yogurt and my favorite dessert. Not only did that terminal have a Pinkberry, it was open. So my last meal in CA? Tart Watermelon yogurt with kiwi, mango, and coconut. I’d say that meal was fitting and appropriate.


And I’ll admit, I did cry on the way to the airport, on the plane, and when I saw my parents in baggage claim. My tears were a mixture of a few things, mostly gratitude and heartache. I am so thankful that the Lord gave me this time in Los Angeles and surrounded me with amazing friends. Honestly, I am amazed at his provision and care for me. But I realize that this specific season was a gift. And like all gifts that the Lord gives, they come and they go. It was time for my season in Los Angeles to end. It was time to go back home. It is time to move on and to see what else the Lord has in store for me.

So while I am sad to be parted from my friends, knowing that the Lord is showering me with other, different blessings is making this transition easier. When I am tempted to get upset or overwhelmed, I remember the gospel and I remember that the Lord has my best interest at heart.

But on a practical level, my parents have been so gracious and accommodating my transition. They realize that it’s going to be hard for me to adjust to a whole different way of life. Yesterday, they picked me up at the airport with my car (shipped from CA) and let me drive it home. We ended up driving through center city because of traffic and it was really nice to see the city again. I didn’t realize how much I missed Philly! And I don’t mean to be too “granola” but that drive really grounded me. I felt comforted just knowing that my car was here and that I could take it whenever I wanted to. I guess it’s the “little” things that really count in my case. My parents were also so sweet to buy me a new desk and bookcase because my old ones were in serious need of replacement. So, it was wonderful to come home to that little “surprise”.

My drive through center city!

They took me out to breakfast at this sweet little cafe near our house. We sat outside and enjoyed perfect East Coast weather. We just sat, chatted about random things of no particular significance, and had some quality time.


So now, I’m just unpacking… which is no small task. I’m trying to add tons of books to already overcrowded shelves. I ended up taking all of my books off and totally re-organizing everything last night. I’m not done yet! My goal is to be totally unpacked by the end of this weekend. And my room… is a bit… messy… Yikes. What’s funny about this picture below is that it’s actually a great improvement! So… progress, people!

uhhh... NOT pretty.

So, that’s all the news on my end. I should be getting my working papers sometime in the middle of the month, so I’ll update you guys on all that stuff. I can’t believe that I move to France in like 84 days. Crazy. So please be praying for me! I’ll update more about prayer requests in a later post, once my life is somewhat back in order.


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