The Shuffle

Well, I’ve decided to push back my GRE General exam and take it later in September, instead of next week. I haven’t felt very prepared or confident about my progress as of late. While I intended to just “get it over with”, I think that allowing myself to have about 6 extra weeks of prep will give me a much higher score, seeing as I only get to take this test once.

Concurrently, I’ll be prepping for my subject test in November. Pulling double duty. Plus, I’m brushing up on my French ’cause ya know… moving to Europe in… eh… 52 days. Holy life change, Batman!

My mission until the end of September? studystudystudystudy

Gah. It’s go time. Time to big or go home!  I like to use sports metaphors to pump myself up when I’m studying a lot. I’m kinda like a mental athlete, I guess. Although my body is sadly lacking in the athletic activities that it does so enjoy. You know what that means: my weekends will be spent in the gym.

Pray for me! I’m sure gonna need it as I’m really focusing! The end is in sight, which is a little crazy. The idea of possibly getting accepted to a Ph.D program is totally lighting a fire under my butt. Time to get to work!

Feeling a little like this song: Upbeat and optimistic, but moving at a fast pace. Beautiful and incredible mastery of the guitar, in my opinion. Definitely a “life wandering” kind of song.


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