Visa Saga – Part 3

Good news, so far on the visa front. Remember how I told you that I had a really really important document coming in from France to the DC Consulate? Well, the coordinator emailed me a scan of the document a few days ago, telling me to bring the printout with me in case my paperwork didn’t arrive on time.

So I’m just working on accumulating paperwork on my end. Unfortunately, that had me visiting my local DMV. I have officially surrendered my California driver’s license and am now a resident of Pennsylvania again. Pretty sad. I have to have a PA driver’s license because I’m claiming my parents’ house as my “permanent residence” and I have to have documentation to match. This means that my driver’s license has to have the same exact address.

The only paperwork that has yet to come? A phone bill that I’ll use to “prove” my residence. Hopefully that will come in the next few days/weeks. But everything looks “good to go”. I just have to make like a bajillion photo copies of everything and get some passport style photos taken. Apparently, I can’t smile. Ah, the price that we pay! I’m just happy that things are looking on the “up and up” as far as the visa is concerned.

The coordinator has been more than helpful through this whole process, which has been awesome. All my questions have been totally answered and I feel prepared to face all the bureaucracy! My appointment is on August 24, so pray that all the pieces of this little puzzle come together! I’ve already purchased all of my travel accommodations, so this is the last part! I officially leave the US in 47 days! Crazy! I’m looking so far into the future, sometimes I forget that I have a birthday coming up! (August 18) But exciting days are ahead. God is so gracious and merciful, I am nothing but overwhelmed by his provision.


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