Gear Over Here!

As many of you are aware, I’m moving to France in about… 35-ish (!!!) days. I’m trying to do a lot of prep work, as far as moving accommodations are concerned, in order to minimize any chaos that might ensue during my travels. Part of this “prep work” involves consolidation and practicality. For example – I’m bringing my SLR camera, 35mm camera, extra lenses, film, laptop, external hard drive, and power cables with me to Chauny. I also need to carry a purse with me. Normally, these would be separated in three different bags – laptop bag, camera bag, and purse. However… I’ve found a way to carry all three. In one bag. Stylishly.

For all my lady friends who love their cameras/photography, I’m pretty sure that you can appreciate my enthusiasm. No longer do I have to schlep around an obviously “camera” looking bag that’s bulky and awkward nor do I have to stuff my laptop and cables into the recesses of an already cramped backpack.

Enter the Clover, a camera bag designed for women by a company named Epiphanie.

Just try and imagine it without the long, cross-body strap.
I’d rather exclusively use the braided handles. 

The reason I’m so excited? It can hold: a 15″ laptop w/ cable, a full camera body w. lens, a long lens, two short lenses, and all the regular things that fit into my purse. (keys, wallet, phone, loose change, crumpled receipts, and bobby pins) Not only does this bag pack serious capacity to store my expensive and important gear, it’s also really practical to use as a handbag. I’d totally feel comfortable carrying this around Chauny or Paris, knowing that my camera is literally right by my side. And since I’ll be traveling a lot, it’s nice to know that I can snap a picture in “the moment”.

And honestly, I’m glad that it’s a camera bag disguised as a purse. It’s definitely not safe to flaunt tech equipment overseas, just like in America. I’m not always comfortable carrying around my regular gear bag because I know that it’s super obvious to strangers that I’m carrying expensive lenses, filters, etc. Kinda incognito, yes? I’d like to not be a target for theft, thankyouverymuch.

So while this bag does border on the more expensive side, I think that it’s well worth the price. Especially considering the use and practicality of it all. I just ordered it a little while ago, so when I load it all up with all of my gear, I’ll be sure to post a photo or two. It’s not every day that your purse is a Mary Poppins bag!


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