Time until GRE’s – four days
Time until I move to France – ten days
Time until my GRE Lit Exam – fifty seven days
Time until my grad apps are due – seventy six days

Holy batman, the next few months are going to be rough. Ya know, adjusting to the whole “new culture that doesn’t speak English” thing and “my internet access will be spotty at best”. If I ever needed internet in my life, it would definitely be now. After all, I’m juggling emails from my profs at UCLA, communication with my possible grad programs, transcript orders, etc. Hopefully everything will calm down and somewhat return to normal after a week or so in Chauny. I mean, it’s not like I’m in the Sahara. My to-do ASAP list when I arrive in France?

– Get a cellphone sans engagement
– Open a bank account
– Find internet. Quick.

Naturally, I am fully anticipating lots of French coffee, late nights, early mornings, hair pulling, and aimlessly babbling to myself. Attractive, yes?

Thought so. 


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