Wifi – Finally!

When I woke up this morning, I opened the curtains and found a gray sky. There was a chill in the air, rain drops were falling. It is definitely autumn in Chauny, make no mistake about it. Leaves are beginning to turn, the wind is stronger, the sky darkens earlier. I went about my normal business, doing some errands and talking to some school officials, like usual. But when I checked my mail today, there was a great surprise.

Our wifi box and codes have officially arrived! And yes, I am typing this directly from the comfort of my little room instead of writing my thoughts on a Word document and waiting until I go to my boss’ office to post. And yes… this also means that I’ll be able to post pictures! Thankfully, I was able to skype with some friends today, including my sister and my dad! It feels great to be connected, definitely not in the dark ages anymore! Helpful note: If you’re calling from the West Coast, I’m 9 hrs ahead of you. And if you’re calling from the East Coast, I’m 6 hrs ahead!

So excited for the weeks and months ahead! Can’t wait to talk with other friends and know what’s actually going on in the world! So, stay tuned for more!


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