So, I realized that I’ve missed a few days of blogging. Hopefully, an instance that will not be repeated…. frequently. I’ve been doing a wee bit of traveling (all business related, of course!) and studying for my Lit GRE, which is on November 12th. And I know that I’ve promised pictures, so I’m here to make good on my promises!

I went to Laon yesterday for my visite médicale, a mandatory medical examination in order to validate my visa. Our appointments were at the oh-so-convenient hour of 8:15, so that meant that K and I had to get going by 6:15, in order to catch the correct train at the correct time. Armed with strong coffee, we set forth. It was still dark, obviously. I had only minutes to spare upon arrival at the train station in Chauny, literally buying my ticket and running to make my train. Thankfully, it all worked out perfectly and K and I arrived in Laon around 7:30 am, the city still dark and quiet.

The cool thing (and exhausting) about this city is that it’s literally a city built on top of a huge hill. In the Medieval era, this was especially advantageous for fending off marauders or other various antagonists. Now? It just makes for an amazingly beautiful view. But if you’re interested in capturing Laon, you should probably be aware that they have the home-field advantage. We climbed steps for about 15 minutes to get to the top, huffing and puffing all the way. Once at the top, we realized that we could have taken a trolley. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… right?

From there, we made our way over to the hospital for our medical exams. I, of course, was nervous for nothing. Doctor’s and Dentist’s offices always make me a bit uneasy, for some odd reason. But they took an x-ray of my chest, which they let me keep, and asked a variety of questions about my health. The doctor signed my forms and K and I were free to explore the city by 9:00 am.

In Laon, there’s a beautiful cathedral that attracts tourists from all over the world! It’s very similar to more famous ones in Europe, so I discovered. The longer I live in France, the more I realize that beautiful cathedrals are kinda the norm here. Not that I don’t appreciate their beauty and awesomeness… it’s just an odd concept to become accustomed to. Every town I visit has a cathedral. Laon is no exception.

All in all, it was a great day and it was wonderful to get out of Chauny and see more of France! I’ll be posting a few pictures of Chauny soon, so stay tuned! And I got some good news when I woke up this morning, my friends Emily and Mandy are going to be joining me for New Years in Paris! It wasn’t 100% official until now, but I am so happy to be spending the holiday in the coolest city in the world with some friends! Additionally, my sister might come out too, definitely would put a huge smile on my face! So… fun things ahead! Excited!


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