#Reverb11 – Writing

Prompt for today: Writing.
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

This is kind of a strange question to answer, especially because I don’t consider myself a “writer”. Yes, I’m a blogger and I am was a student. Since my writing is no longer “necessary” for any purpose, I guess the inability to communicate effectively is the biggest block.

This problem manifested quite differently for me about a year ago. When I was writing papers during undergrad, I found that tackling a huge 20 page paper was incredibly overwhelming and I had a really hard time just “doing” it. The biggest obstacle in my writing is the size of it. For me, I have to break it down into small chunks, things I can handle. I created a schedule for myself, ten pages per week. That broke down to about 2 pages per day, if I was feeling productive. Over time, I got the job done thoroughly.

But now, I guess it’s all about having the “right” story. Every day begins and ends with introspection, in different forms. What truly inhibits my writing now is the story, the tale that I’m trying to tell. And living in France, it’s hard to convey everything, all the smells, sounds, tastes. I need my words to do the “talking” for me, in the most real sense. I need them to live and carry my readers inward, to a place where they can tangibly share my experience. And the way to overcome that “block”? It’s just to keep writing, keep pursuing the narrative.

P.S. check out last year’s post here!


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