Well, I am a very lax blogger as of late. I think that Christmas break really set me in a bad updating pattern. As in, I didn’t do it at all over break and the habit has (unfortunately) continued into the New Year. But I do promise to try better. Really and truly.

The aforementioned cold has, thankfully, passed and I am in perfect health. But really, the reason that I haven’t been blogging that much is because there isn’t really anything worth saying. I wake up, get ready, go to school, teach, lunch, teach some more, come home, hang out with my roomie, make dinner, and go to bed. That’s really all there is to do during the week in such a small town. Weekends, I can do something a little more exciting.

Last Saturday, I spent the day in Compiègne with my friend “A” and her three adorable kiddos. She’s an American who married a Frenchman, so it’s great to talk about our mutual experiences and encourage each other as sisters in the Lord. I’ve met a large number of American women out here, especially those who have married into French families, which is an interesting dynamic.

Since the funds are a bit low these days, I’m staying low and not traveling a lot. But… I will be over the next break, which is in about five weeks. I just officially reserved an entire week in BARBADOS. Originally, I thought about going to Portugal for the first week of March, but I checked the weather forecast and it looked really chilly. My friend, Kimmy, and I were in the mood to go somewhere sunny and beachy, so Barbados fit the bill perfectly! As it turns out, I only have to pay for my flight/excursions/spa treatments because the hotel is all-inclusive and a part of my parents’ timeshare. Bonus!

And the best part? I’m going to try and get a multi-destination flight, so I’ll hopefully be able to pop in to Philadelphia for a few days and visit the fam, visit Target, workout at the gym, and eat diner food. I haven’t made the arrangements yet, but that’s my super awesome plan. Cool, yeah?

So, back to France. K and I made breakfast for dinner tonight. Pancakes, (from scratch!) eggs sunny side up, and sausage. Comfort food, for sure. Yum.


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