UK Style: Autumn

My friend, Amanda, did a great post on her blog the other day about back-t0-school style and it got me thinking about my own school style and how that would radically change with the climate in the UK. I mean, I did my undergraduate work in Southern California! Jeans, Rainbow flip flops, t-shirts, and sunglasses were the everyday norm. I’d “rock” my hair in a bun, forgo makeup or jewelry, and saunter into class. And everybody thought relatively along the same lines. Sure, there was one random girl who decided to hike up Bruin Walk in 3 inch heels, but the rest of us just kept it simple.

Obviously, that won’t fly in England. I’m trading my flip flops in for leather boots and t-shirts in for sweaters & cardigans. And since I’m starting graduate school, which obviously requires a little more polish and style, I’m giving up my lazy bun and makeup-less face during lectures. Before, UCLA was a place for me to learn, not to be seen. But now that I’m in a graduate class of 10-15, there’s nowhere to “hide”. I’m putting my best foot (and face) forward!

So, I put together a little style inspiration on Polyvore to show you the kind of polish I’m looking for. Yeah, I’m still keeping my jeans and sunglasses. I mean, I can’t change everything! But I’ve found a way to upgrade it and bring it into a more professional arena. As you can see, I’m mixing jewel/neutral tones (my favorite) with hints of gold, set on basic black!

What are some of your top style choices for the fall? Share your style with me in the comments section!


3 thoughts on “UK Style: Autumn

  1. Before heading back to France, I got several cute sheer sweaters from Express. I can’t wait for it to cool down a bit so I rock them over a cami. I’m also looking forward to wearing my new purple jeans! I also love a short skirt over tights. Can’t wait to be able to wear that again!

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