How to: Makeup in a Minute

I have something to tell all of my readers…
I’ve kind of been holding out on you.

I used to be a makeup artist for over a year. Seriously. When I was in high school, that was my job. I worked at Ulta and my job was to do makeup for clients. I can’t tell you how many faces I’ve made up or prom-goers I beautified! Not only did I put makeup on my clients, I also went through our product inventory and helped them select the right shades and items that would fit their budget and style. Call me crazy, but it was one of the funnest jobs an 18 year old could have ever had!

But it was a great learning experience. I mean, I can give you a sultry smokey eye at the drop of a hat! But I also learned how to pare down a makeup routine to the basics. What a polished look with just a little bit of time and effort? Wake up too late but don’t want to look like you just dragged yourself out of bed? I can make that happen, too. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Let’s dive in!

Here are six beauty basics that every girl should have:

1. Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream
This gives you a natural looking base that’s easy to blend with your finger tips. If you really need extra coverage, add some concealer.

Pick a natural pink flush, making sure to dust it on the apples of your cheeks. When applying, smile!

3. A Neutral Eye Palette
In a hurry, swipe the lightest shade all over your eyelid up to the brow bone. Take a darker shade (but not too dark!!) and blend it well in the crease. When you have more time, play with different color combinations and looks!

4. Eyeliner
For day, I use brown because it’s much more natural. I lightly apply on my upper lash line for a breezy look.

5. Mascara
I always use waterproof, because you never know if you’ll get stuck in the rain, sweat a little bit, or have a good cry. I always pick a volumizing black.

6. Lip Balm
Apply this on the go for soft lips! I normally don’t wear gloss (too sticky) or lipstick (too dramatic) during the day. I save those things for special occasions.

And there you have it, easy makeup that looks fabulous without a huge time commitment or tons of cosmetic know-how.
So tell me, what are some products that you swear by? What’s a part of your morning makeup routine?

(Sourced on Polyvore)


5 thoughts on “How to: Makeup in a Minute

  1. this pretty much sums up my make-up routine. I use a sparkly champagne color on my eye lid and coral on my cheeks and always a black eye liner. I’m currently using Benefit’s “You’re a Rebel lite” tinted moisturizer, but I’m thinking of trying a different brand once it runs out. Got any suggestions?

  2. instead of a moisturizer as my base, b/c i have oily skin, i use clinique’s powder foundation. mary kay has a really good one too. it’s super light; you cant even tell you are wearing anything. but has terrific coverage. it’s my one makeup splurge and goes on very fast. my total, daily, makeup routine takes me under 10 minutes!

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