How to: Makeup for a Moment

Yesterday, we talked about getting your makeup on in a flash. But today, I’m going to focus on the special night out or big occasion. Want to look great for a date or wedding? Need a little pep in your step when going out with your friends? I’ve got just the thing! Today, I’m going to show you some tools that I use to take my everyday look into evening.
Note: this enhances your pre-existing makeup, so don’t forget foundation and concealer to give you an even base to start with! 

1. Eyelash curler.
I normally use this when I know the lights are going to be dimmed, especially if I’m in a swanky restaurant! Curl your lashes before you put on mascara for its proper effect. I even blow my hairdryer on it for a few seconds before I use it, just to ensure that I get maximum curl.

2. An eyeshadow palette with deep smokey shades.
I usually use between 4-6 colors on my eyes when creating a special look. Start with the lightest color and gradually add dark shades in the crease and the sides of your eyes, blending super well. Go slow and practice! That’s the best. It’s always easier to add more color than to take it off. For light eyes, I usually use darker greys and taupes. For darker eyes, I use browns and deep purple.

3. False Eyelashes.
I only use these for super important events: weddings or proms. Notice that I included an example of individual lashes and not the whole strip. I just glue lashes in places where they’ll really pop, like towards the outside of the lash line. After your curl your lashes, add a couple and swipe mascara over to finish off the look.

4. Contouring bronzer and blush.
This can get a bit tricky, so bear with me. We all know that light reflects off the skin and creates shadow. Cheekbones create, more or less, shadows that make our faces look more defined or rounder. By using matte bronzer and a perky pink blush, it’s possible to mimic the look of light and manipulate the viewer’s eye in order to sculpt our cheek bones to perfection. First of all, find your cheek bone. Feel your face and run your finger down until it reaches your nose. Feel that bone? The hollow underneath it is where the matte bronzer goes. Just add it slowly and lightly at first, making sure to blend with your foundation. After that, put some of that light blush where you feel your cheek bone. The same rules apply: go slow and easy, making sure to blend well with a clean powder blush. The light shade right up against the dark creates illusion, kind of like your art classes… but with makeup!

5. Lipstick.
If you’re going with a dark, dramatic eye, stick to a neutral light color. If not, add some color to your world! It’s the easiest fix and makes a fun statement.

6. Vampy nail polish.
I love my nails dark. It’s chic, elegant, and perfectly on trend. Nail polish is one of the easiest ways to bring a look together. No matter what color you chose, make sure to add top coat to avoid chips!

(Sourced from Polyvore)


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