Falling Off The Train

Since moving to York, I’ve fallen off the vegan train… hardcore.

No bueno. 

It’s partially because the stress of moving and starting graduate school has just made seeking out vegan products kind of a chore. So I’ve been pretty lax about my eating habits – cheese, eggs, meat a few times a week, etc. I’ve managed to find vegan butter in all these different grocery stores everywhere so I bought myself a big ‘ol tub. It’s sitting in the fridge and it’s delicious, especially on potatoes.

Since my money has officially come in (praises!and most of the relocating/uncomfortable part of moving is over, I’m ditching my dairy ways and gradually transitioning back into a vegan lifestyle. I’m going to eat through the rest of my omni foods, just to be as resourceful as possible. And I’m planning to visit my local farmer’s market way more often.

But the amazing thing about England is that they have tons of veggie options. A lot of places cater to vegetarians and the idea of coming across a vegan is not unheard. They’re pretty great about putting warning labels on all their food and what “allergens” it contains, even trace contaminants.

So, I’m getting back “with it” and vegan-izing my life up.
Stay tuned for more recipes and fun UK veggie finds!


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