Three Month Hiatus

Well, I have awakened from a three month slumber. But a LOT has changed during that time. I have officially been accepted as a PhD student for next year, finished two fatty essays, been a student advocate during a lot of department-related drama, traveled to Wales, had a nasty case of tonsillitis, planned a massive 3 week trip to the US in July/August, signed a lease for a flat next year, started digging into the research abyss that is MA dissertation, and started dating a boy who happens to be just as weird as me.

Me & Steve

So, naturally, I’ve been a little busy. And blogging, unfortunately, has taken a bit of a back seat. But I’m back, hopefully to be a bit more regular and consistent. Grad school takes a lot out of my internet/blogging energies but I’ll try and make more of an effort to keep the anonymous internets updated with my life details. And before I go, here’s some beats that I’ve been listening to lately:


Bridesmaid Swag

So, I’ve got some fun news to share! I’m making an extra special trip to Los Angeles in August to be a bridesmaid for my friend Mandy’s wedding! It’s going to be an amazing celebration and I am honored to be taking part in her special day!
She’s decided to let her ladies choose their own dress style in a specific color, mint green. Ever since she told me, I’ve been scouting the internet and looking for the perfect dress. Here are a couple that I’ve had my eye on. I’m looking for something romantic, breezy, but still a style I can wear long after the bride & groom have made their getaway for the honeymoon.
Any thoughts? Have a favorite dress? What look do you love to rock at weddings? 

Bridesmaid Swag

In The Midst

Hello all,

Just a quick note to wish all my readers a Happy New Year!
2012 was an amazing year and I’m so excited for all that 2013 has to bring.
Looking back on the events of the past year has made me so grateful for all that’s
happened in the last 365 days. God has taught me a lot and showered me with so many
blessings. I really can’t complain.

Sorry for my lack of regular posting. I’m in the midst of cranking out two final
essays, but due on January 14th. It’s been a somewhat of a slow, laborious process.
Especially considering that these papers are final grades for two classes. Eep!
I’m just trying to do my best work while juggling a lot of other things over here in

But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!

Remembrance Day

For the past week or so, I’ve been seeing just about everybody sporting a poppy on their lapel or outfit. I asked my British friends what all the fuss was about with these red flowers and learned something very significant about UK culture. On November 11th is called Remembrance Day, a day much like Veterans Day in the US. A way that many UK citizens show support and solidarity with their troops is to wear paper or fabric poppy. Many people buy them at shops or street corners for a small donation, the proceeds go to wounded vets and their families.

Remembrance Day is also marked by two minutes of silence at 11:00am. It happened to fall during our church service on Sunday, so the entire congregation stood and soberly paid their respects. In the UK, Remembrance Day is celebrated with sobriety, not outright celebration. While I think it’s important to honor the members of the armed forces with food, drink, and gratitude, a level of seriousness for those that have given their lives and livelihoods for our freedoms is also extremely appropriate. And during WWII, England suffered in ways that the US will never really be able to understand. I mean, entire cities and historical buildings were bombed relentlessly. Many people lived in fear every time they heard planes flying overhead. Fortunately, that’s not the case today. But the memory of what happened is not out of the public’s consciousness.

As an American participating in Remembrance Day, I found myself thankful for our allies. I’m grateful for these men and women that fought alongside us and continue to do so. In the spirit of the day and in honor of the troops that protect the UK and her interests, I bought myself a poppy and proudly wore it on my lapel.

Happy Remembrance Day!
If you want to know more about this day, please check out info here and here.

Autumn in York

Well, fall has officially fallen in York. The trees are all various shades of red, yellow, and orange. This city is so beautiful, no matter what time of year. The temperatures have dropped a little bit, so I’m wearing a heavier coat and scarf these days. Classes are going well and I’m already thinking of what to write my dissertation on. But I have to say, the transition into graduate school in a different country definitely requires a learning curve. I’m still learning my place in the department, what’s what, who’s who, where I need to be.

I’m still in the search for a church, I’ve been visiting a few and hopefully will decide on one soon. I’m just hoping to meet other Christians and learn some great stuff here in York. Please pray for me as I navigate my “new” life!

And don’t worry, here are some photos! Enjoy!

Fall view outside of my window

King’s Manor


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