Bridesmaid Swag

So, I’ve got some fun news to share! I’m making an extra special trip to Los Angeles in August to be a bridesmaid for my friend Mandy’s wedding! It’s going to be an amazing celebration and I am honored to be taking part in her special day!
She’s decided to let her ladies choose their own dress style in a specific color, mint green. Ever since she told me, I’ve been scouting the internet and looking for the perfect dress. Here are a couple that I’ve had my eye on. I’m looking for something romantic, breezy, but still a style I can wear long after the bride & groom have made their getaway for the honeymoon.
Any thoughts? Have a favorite dress? What look do you love to rock at weddings? 

Bridesmaid Swag



Well, I took a break from doing this:

to do a little bit of this:

(In case you’re wondering, I took a little walk along the canals with K.)

The weather was perfect. I couldn’t stand being inside one more minute, missing all the sunshine and fresh air. My abnormally pale skin thanked me. And for the record, those are my boots and (obviously) my legs in the previous photograph. Thanks, mom for sending them and thank you J.Crew for making them. Fits like a glove, tu vois? When I get my real running shoes, I’m going to start jogging (albeit slowwwwlyyyy) along the canals a few times a week until the weather forces me to sit around lazily indoors. Ah, the familial continental climate. It’s so great to finally be back to actual seasons, after five years of going without. Although, the idea of dealing with February dreariness (no snow, just gross, wet, and gray with no greenery) is a little off-putting.

And as you can probably imagine, the break is going rather well. I am enjoying my mornings sleeping in and my nights trolling the internets to alleviate my boredom in a small tiny town. And by “trolling”, I mean researching grad programs and other important things, like shoes. But I got paid yesterday, so I do not have to sell a kidney on the black market. Trust me, I’m thrilled. My father will be beaming with pride when I mention that I have constructed a budget that allows me to have my brioche and eat it too. I have limited funds, people. But I’m going to stretch it as far as I can.

Tomorrow, K and I are going to the farmers market in search of fresh veggies and new friends. I’m hoping to score some artisan cheese and some infused cooking oils, perhaps a spice blend or two. Ah France, you really are a foodie’s paradise. I’ll be in Paris on the weekend of November 11-13 for my GRE Lit and random fun so I’ll be doing some reviews of all my favorite foodie haunts. Trust me. There’s an entire store devoted to mustard. And another to honey. And another to loose leaf tea. Yeah. I’m serious. This is the place where I came back with tons of spice blends and flavoring salts. My next mission is to buy some metric measuring cups so that I can actually make the French recipes in all the cookbooks that I’ve been looking through. And you all know how I love culinary challenges…